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Traditional English Town
Embraces Conceptual Art-Walk!

Press play to start - the file is also in the tour kit here

You have arrived at Surreal Steyning!
Everything you need to experience a bizarre Sussex tour is right here. For free.

Surreal Steyning
is a "psychogeographic" audio tour of a unique English town normally appreciated for its Norman, Tudor and Saxon architecture. It was designed by artist Chris Dooks. But this is not a history tour of Steyning. Warning. This is very odd! But if you are up for what the French call "The Dérive" then read on and make Sussex history.

This tour is simply a different way to skin the proverbial cat. In this case, the cat is Steyning. In fact, if you think of Steyning as a cat, you are already a psychogeographer. Well done. You've engaged your psyche with geography. You've mapped the town conceptually. The High Street becomes the cat's spine with the head chasing Mouse Lane. Now you are in the same company as such artist groups as The Situationists, The Dadaist Movement and other high fallutin ripples in art, tourism and even The Ramblers.

There are 3 ways to enjoy this tour. In order of preference...

1. D.I.Y. in Steyning, with the mp3 files we supply. You will supply your own ipod / mp3 player. Many phones can also play these files...
If you want to do this, just download this pack of map and files (It is 50mb - broadband essential) and do not read the texts online, (online now) - it will spoil it.

2. D.I.Y. via Steyning Museum with the mp3 player from Steyning Museum - containing the audio files, for a returnable £10 deposit! They will also give you a map. (At the museum from July 2009)

3. Do it Online. Here. (Online now!) Read the texts online and / or use the embedded audio players. You may also like to download the map HERE to see how the tour fits together.

Surreal Steyning was commissioned by The Steyning Festival 2009 and The Arts Council of England (Lottery Funded). The images on this page were shots from two sold-out walking tours with Chris, in situ, for a 90 minute walk. They were taken on the 3rd and 4th June 2009.

Dooks is a psychogeographer, artist and musician and has designed a gentle walking tour of the town to be listened to on headphones. You get to experience painstakingly researched alternative histories, Eastern philosophies and revealing visual phenomena in an incredible setting.

Happy Experimental Tourist Adventures!
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Fighting talk over provocative history!
"A dreaded sunny day, so I'll meet you at the cemetry gates..."
The first four turn up for a "Long Stay!"
Steyning is situated just off the A283 between
Shoreham and Storrington. It is also only
around ten miles from Brighton. There are
regular bus services from Brighton and other
local towns and villages. Steyning services are the 2A and 2B and also 20.

Other links of interest :-
Other tours with an online presence by
Chris Dooks :- (tour of Edinburgh City)
Select Avocados (tour of Advocates Close, Edinburgh)

Big Thanks to Melanie at YOUR STEYNING
Big Thanks to Chris at STEYNING MUSEUM
Big Thanks to Sara at STEYNING BOOKSHOP
Big Thanks to Jacqui, STEYNING FESTIVAL

Contemplating The Mongolian history of Saxon Cottage
C'est Un Grand Chat de Steyning!

This is the moment that the point of the tour is revealed. We can not show it,
you must see it. But it is very large and look at the happy faces!

On the way to "It'lldo22 and Nevadun 21"
Holding onto the truth for dear life!
Leading folk down the" root canals" of the tour

The Steyning Lichen Movement at St Andrew's Graveyard.

Steyning residents turn out faithfully and ready for conceptual fun!

Note my costume change! Day 2 of the tour with more faithful punters!
Another great crowd!

Below, google maps reveal Steyning...

View Larger Map
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