Dr Chris Dooks, Biography


Dr Chris Dooks is an experienced multimedia artist who has returned with his family to Edinburgh after living in Ayrshire where he was awarded his doctorate in 2015.


“I am a professional lens-based artist, sound artist and academic with a large portfolio of publicly engaged work, in what could be described as a ‘medical humanities art practice’. I am also a workshop leader and lecturer.


I trained as a photographer, then television director (e.g. programmes such as The South Bank Show), before I gravitated fully towards a new media art practice in the late 1990s. My last large-scale commission was for ArtRail in 2016, which saw me create stories and psychogeographic tours with elderly people in Portobello. In 2013 I made a ‘modular’ artist’s feature for The Year of Natural Scotland in Aberdeenshire, which is about access to wild places.


Although I have a fairly eclectic style I am niche in one aspect of everything I do - it is usually a response to creative problem solving of restrained opportunities.


I am also a carer to my daughter who has additional needs and I have a son also.”